Check out our project exhibition at SPH Zentrum

In the entrance of the Space at ETH Zentrum you find an exhibition of some of our diverse projects. Feel free to visit us and take a look.

Projects currently exhibiting their work:

SmartBreed GmbH
SmartBreed manufactures automated breeding boxes for grasshoppers. These can be set up directly at the customer's site and allow zoos, farmers and food manufacturers to produce their own
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bottleplus allows you to make you own sparkling water on the go - wherever and whenever you want. It works with an integrated carboniser that is enough for 10 bottles (0.6 liters each) of sparkling
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Rowcus is a collision avoidance radar tailored to the needs of rowers. It watches out when you cannot. In darkness, fog, glaring light or simply when you fail to turn around. Thanks to the integrated
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Precious Plastic aims to find renewed purpose for all non-recycled and non-toxic plastics waste. Our aim currently involves creating the space and machines that enable us to give a new life to
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Autonomous River Cleanup
We aim to develop a robotic system to remove trash from rivers. This will look like an autonomously operating vessel which removes the trash, and sorts it by material.
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Houdini Cups
A ToGo Cup which doesn't take up any space as soon as you are done using it. Through rotation the cup can assume any size the consumer demands and when you are finished with your drink it folds
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Semper Vision
Semper Vision builds smart bike cams that track rides, automatically generate video snippets of accidents/dangerous moments and aggregate data points for urban analytics. At the moment, we are mainly
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